Saturday, March 22, 2008

Final Stretch!

Well, here we go. Tuesday is the day. If the babies haven't come by then, then we will do an induction. I have a few things I have delegated which is helping me so much. I still have a bunch I wanted done before the babies come home, but oh well. They can wait.
This past week was quite busy. Tuesday I went for the non-stress test. That night was Julia's spring concert. Wednesday I did Visiting Teaching. Thursday was Ari's science fair. Friday I had my last pre-babies doctor visit, and Elyse and Julia did friend things. Today Elyse had practice in Salt Lake for the YW Broadcast next Saturday (had to leave at 6:30am). Tony and I are going to celebrate my birthday tonight since we won't be available Wednesday. Now tomorrow we have Easter, which will be the last relaxing day for a while. Monday we'll get everything ready, then Tuesday go to have the babies.

Some interesting facts: my belly button is starting to disappear, and my stomach measures 43 1/4 inches, I can still eat a pretty full meal, and this week at choir practice I was able to breath better (hmmmmm). Well, we will keep everyone posted through Mimi and Jeanette until we can take over again. Pin It

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