Saturday, March 15, 2008

Week 35

Hurray! We have made it to week 35. The babies are doing great. They obviously can't move much anymore, so I get anxious sometimes. We have a few more things to do before they come. For example, get the cradle down. A very important thing.
This week we went for another major ultrasound to check the babies sizes. Thing 1 weighs 5lbs6oz, and Thing 2 weighs 5lbs4oz. They have stayed real close the whole time, which is a great thing. We are estimating that they will weigh about 6 lbs in week 37. That's a great weight for twins.

Thursday was a fun day. I took Katia to play group. Then Jeanette watched the kids while we took Ari out lunch, something we do for parent/teacher conference. Then she said she would watch them while I went to get my hair cut, something I had been trying to do for about a month. I was so happy that she offered, since I wanted it cut before the babies are here.
Then that night we went up to the tri-ward ski night. Ari was the only one who skied. Jayden went sledding for over an hour. Elyse, Julia, and I hung out in the lodge drinking hot cocoa. It snowed while we were up there, which was a wonderful sight. It made for a slow drive home, but with everyone coming home at the same time, so I wasn't too worried.
Yesterday I took Julia for her hair cut. It turned out so cute. The gal that cut it did a wonderful job.

Then last night we just chilled. Something we haven't done for a while. I even got to sit by Tony on the couch. sigh.... I hope that this will not be the last time for a long time.
I also wanted to make sure you all know about Elyse singing in the General Young Women Broadcast on March 29th. For those of you who can get the BYU Channel, it will be rebroadcast that night at 8:00pm MDT. I, of course, will be recording it, so...
Today we woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground. This was so awesome. I know that some of you are done with winter, but as soon as spring is here, then the babies are here. As soon as my list is checked of, then they can come. Also, I want them to come home, so after Easter, the snow can be gone and the babies can come.
Well, hopefully I can keep up more with the blog. I will be having Jeanette and Mimi keep everyone informed after they come. This way I can take care of everyone, and not have to worry about keeping you all up to date. Pin It

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