Monday, March 30, 2009

Conference Weekend, Here We Come!

Elyse and I went to the General Young Women Broadcast this past Saturday. It was so awesome. They mainly spoke about the new young women value of Virtue. The thing that I came away with is that I need to be more diligent in 1) praying morning and night, 2)reading the Book of Mormon 5 minutes every day (hey, I can do that!) and 3) Smiling. (I do that already.) I also feel that we, as a family, need to be better peacemakers. This will be a tough one.
So, now I am looking forward to listening to the speakers this coming weekend. I am once again going to print out these wonderful packets. They were so much fun for the three youngest ones (minus Delta and Emma). Jayden had the most fun with them. Hopefully Katia will get into them more this time.
I also heard of another great conference tradition that we might try at least on Saturday. That is fondue. I love fondue. Especially chocolate fondue. Cheese fondue is also great. he last fondue experience we had wasn't so successful. We tried the frying meat fondue. Not very fun after a while. It takes too long, and the little ones can't really participate. So we'll see. Maybe...
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