Thursday, March 26, 2009

Such a Happy Day!

today is a most excellent day. I can't believe that a year with twins could go so fast. Yes, today is THE birthday. It's mine, and Delta's, and Emma's. Currently I am posting to my blog, holding Emma (hopefully she'll go to sleep so she will be happy tonight), baking the first round of cakes, and wishing that Delta didn't just start crying (she was asleep until this minute)................

Okay, so I am kinda emotional today. Not in a bad way, but in the "Man, I can't believe all the blessings!" kinda way. Tony has taken off the past few years for my birthday. (Last year he would have been in real trouble if he hadn't.) This week he was sick, so I wasn't planning on him taking off. So this morning I got up and started on my day, then he drives in the driveway from taking Julia to school with stuff to make me breakfast. He stayed until it was time to take Jayden to preschool. Then he came home at lunch to help out for a bit, and went back to a meeting and will be home after the meeting is done. I am so grateful to him. He is always finding ways to spoil me.
Jayden came in to wake me up (hmm..Oh, yeah, I got to sleep in today. How did that happen?) He had to tell me happy birthday. What a five-year-old he is. I love him. Then Katia played with the babies while I showered. Then Jeanette called to wish me a happy birthday. Then a friend called to see if the kids could come play. Then my mom called to say she was almost here (she's coming to celebrate with us and to take me shopping tomorrow BY MYSELF). Then I got on facebook and saw messages from Kris and Lori. I am totally feeling the love!
So what if my house isn't clean, so what if the laundry isn't done, so what if I didn't do my hair or makeup until noon, I am so blessed. I love my family and friends. I love being a wife and mom. I love life.

Well, I gotta get off here before the cakes are done, but I'll post more later. Pin It

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snowann said...

Happy Birthday!You are awsome!


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