Friday, April 17, 2009

Early Spring Pictures

We went to Salt Lake City and went to Temple Square and the Aquarium. The Temple was wonderful. We watched some fun video commercials about family. We saw the Christus which is a large statue of Jesus and it's surrounded by a blue wall that looked like heaven. We also saw all the things that the church is involved in. Like helping people in other countries who don't have food or clothes. Julia likes the reflecting pool in front of the temple that is so calm you can see the temple in it. We went to the top of the conference center and saw all the art work inside. On the roof is a garden and water falls and inside was a cool statue called a snowflake fountain. It was so awesome. Elyse's favorite thing was the flowers. It has so many flowers and trees. It is just lovely. Jayden's favorite thing was the water fountains. He likes to throw pennies in it and make a wish. Katia liked all of it. The water, elevators, the flowers, and just seeing everything. Tony's favorite part was Christus and seeing all the different languages the Book of Mormon was in. He also liked seeing Jayden and Katia climb the stairs; and Katia try to catch the bird that were there.
At the aquarium we saw all kinds of awesome fish. We jaw jellifish, octopus, manta ray, sharks, sea horses, clown (Nemo) fish, sea turtles... Lots of fish. Julia liked the piranhas. Elyse liked the ...ummm...Jelly fish. Delta liked the tropical fish with bright colors. Jayden liked the sharks. Katia just liked everything and wants to go back tomorrow. Too bad it's so far away.
Easter was fun. The Easter Bunny hides our baskets, so we have to search for them. Mine was hidden in the entertainment center behind the game controllers. Julia's was behind the couch, Katia's was in the bathroom in the cupboard, Jayden's was in the kitchen cupboard, Ari's was in the family home evening box, Elyse's was in the art supply cupboard, Tony's was above the computer behind the paper. Emma's and Delta's were in the front room behind their toys. Everyone found their baskets before church except Ari, Julia, Tony, and me. Pin It

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