Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Learning Fun

This week we have preschool at our house. Jayden loves when it's here. So does Katia because she gets to participate. It is work, but fun. This has helped me not miss teaching school so much. Plus it's almost free preschool. The only cost is the supplies needed for the week we are in charge, plus the workbook and the preschool curriculum book. Then the time put into coming up with fun ideas.
Lately Jayden has said that it is boring. We have been doing more seat work this year to get them ready for Kindergarten. This has been hard for some of the kids. I decided that I would go online and find some fun learning activities for the kids to do that would make learning more fun.
The first thing I found was for a game to reinforce what is being taught and to review. You get flash cards and as you show the kids each card and they shout out what it is (such as alphabet cards or number cards) after 5 or so correct answers, you say "Jolly Jump" and the kids jump until you say stop. Then you do some more until you are through the cards. They actually liked this game and were able to get through all the letters in the alphabet. I used the Fridge Phonics and Crayola Number Cards for this.
After that, we sorted the letters into big and little letters (as this was the theme for today). Then we matched up the upper and lower case letters.
After that we took a bucket full of stuffed animals and sorted them by size. Then we discussed which ones were big in real life and which were small.
We also talked about Earth Day and what we/they could do to make a difference. I printed out these color books. Then we walked to the end of the block and picked up trash. We came home and washed our hands, had snack, then played the next game.
Bug in the rug is played by having 1 child leave the room. While they are gone, another child hides under the "rug". Then the child returns and tries to guess who is missing. This was an easy game, but all enjoyed it and tried to make it more fun by hiding more than one child under the "rug". Pin It

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