Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keeping priorities in check

One thing that is very important to me is my relationship to my DH. I love him and want him to know it. I don't get to spend much one on one time with him, but when I do, I cherish it. For example, last Tuesday we were busy. Running kids, feeding kids, getting them out the door. Then bathing, putting on PJs. You know how it is.
Well, we hadn't had time to sit and eat, so after I got the girls in the bath, I came back to eat. And guess who else was still eating? DH. So we sat and had a quiet dinner. He talked about his day at work. I talked about what I wanted to get done that evening. We talked about other things I can't even remember. It was great. It was quiet.
We are so busy taking care of the kids, that we don't have that kind of time. This doesn't mean we have a rough marriage. It just means that we have a large family. We wouldn't have it any other way. But we do wish that we could have more time just us.
We do have a weekly date night (or afternoon). This is SO important. But sometimes those quiet times in the evening are so good.
Between getting kids to bed, and cleaning up the few things that were gotten out before bed, we just don't get to sit by each other on the couch and watch the news (or whatever). We Usually collapse into bed.
We always joke about how sad we will be when our kids are older and either moved out or busy with activities and friends. I'm sure we will. We will still be busy with something.
One great blessing that will help is we were called as Primary teachers. Sow e get to see each other the whole 3 hour block. This is so great. Plus we HAVE to sit down and discuss the lesson during the week. Get things figured out. Decide what to do for an activity. So that has added some MUST HAPPEN time together.
So basically, we cherish every minute we get to spend together, even if it's at 3AM.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I really enjoyed reading this; thanks for sharing. I love it when we have callings together too. We're not quite as busy as you are, but we still love every moment we have together.


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