Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Problem Solved, One Not

Okay, so this year I'm trying to solve some of the problems that we have. I won't name them here, because then I wouldn't get to the two that I want to address.
The first problem was solved by advice from SS, JK. We have lots of gloves and mittens in our coat closet. I've kept them in a basket for...well...over 16 years. This is what it looked like last week:

She suggested little baskets to put each persons gear in. Here's what I did:

I got the little plastic drawers (2 sets) that hold 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of paper. Kinda small, but will fit in the closet. Then I labeled each drawer with the person's name. Now it's easily accessible.

Now for the problem that isn't solved. I saw this comic strip a while back,

and decided to try the pack'n'play thing for Delta and Emma. Katia even joined them.

Well, here's what happened. First of all, they can climb in and out of the thing. Then if I turn it over, because it has rounded ends, it is easy to rock over. And putting something heavy on top doesn't help. So, I still don't know how to contain them except in their room (which they love to destroy) and their chairs with buckles.

Now, the pack'n'play thing did work for a short while. We called it the "baby fort" and put toys in it. It also worked for snack time. I turned on a movie, popped popcorn, and put a bowl and them in there and it lasted for about half an hour.

Hopefully they will either start using their powers for good, or I will have another idea to use so I can go potty or change the laundry without worrying. Pin It

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Love this post! And I know that feeling (in the comic strip) Good luck!!!


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