Friday, January 22, 2010

No Procrastination

One thing I have found is that you shouldn't procrastinate. Don't let things pile up. Otherwise you can't catch up very easily.
For example, I have let my desk pile up for the past year. This was mainly because 3 little ones getting into stuff wouldn't be very helpful. Papers would get torn, lost, or ruined.
So I didn't file, and let my desk pile up with things that would have been so easy to take care of earlier. I also used it as a quick dumping spot for whatever I didn't want the kids to get into.
Well, the past 2 weeks I have spent a bit of time each day cleaning it off. Putting things where they go, filing, taking care of things that I procrastinated. It didn't seem to make any difference until yesterday. I spent my half an hour. Then noticed that I could see a bit of the desk.

This was only a small portion of the mess I started with yesterday.

So I let the rest of the house go (I had played with the kids in the morning) and finished it.

I can see my desk again. It feels so good to accomplish something that has been a mess for about a year. I was surprised how much time it took. Less than 2 weeks. Half an hour a day during the week. Then 2 hours yesterday. But I couldn't stop. I put a desk calendar on it. Sorted my coupons ON THE DESK. And even wrote my shopping list ON THE DESK.

Then I was able to sit and watch TV without feeling guilty. (I don't get to do that very often. The current events are only known because of the headlines in the paper, and the kids bringing in news, or the radio.)

And today I was ready to do grocery shopping. And now I can go Pin It

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