Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sharing what works for us

The next few posts I'm going to share what has worked for me to keep my sanity (or at least keep the loony bin at bay). Most of it isn't too profound, but I know that some of what you way gives me that inspiration to fix a problem, and I;'m hoping that something I say can give you an idea for you, or at least open the windows of thought to let some ideas start formulating.

Today I'm going to share what I TRY to do, but it doesn't always happen. That is to write things down. I write down what I want to do. I write down what I need to do. I write down what we are going to eat. I write down appointments. I write down what the kids did, what they are going to do, what they need to do.

I keep notebooks by the microwave. Just the spiral 10 cent kind you get before school starts. This is where I write down what I want the kids to do for chores that day. I write the things I want to get done that day.

I have 2 notepads on the fridge to have the week at a glance type of things. I put the menu on one, and the sorta schedule on the other. I write down Dr. appointments on this, parties, programs, school stuff, days off, whatever I need to see for the week as I open the fridge to get out a drink for whoever. I can also see what I need to get out of the freezer as I am about to open it.

I also have a wall calendar. I love this one.

It has a space for each member of the family. I write down at the beginning of the school year when the kids are out of school, when parent/teacher conferences are, and any other special days. Then I add birthdays, anniversaries, whatever I want to remember. I transfer these from the previous year's. I put down what is coming up as far as appointments or activities on each members' line. I also use a specific color for each person, that way at a glance from the other room I can tell who has something on a certain day.


I pay a few bills by phone. I make sure that I write down the date, who I spoke with, what the amount paid is, and any reference numbers I'm given. Then file it.

Now, I also keep a list of what I DO during the day. I put a check mark, then write what I DID. Or I'll write it and then instantly cross it out. This is my list of accomplishments. I don't always like to feel so overwhelmed.

unload dishwasher
start thawing dinner

Writing things down has helped a lot. I think that's the only way I have been able to keep track of anything. I don't always write things down, but I try. and when I do, I am better able to keep on top of things. Pin It

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