Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Conference

Conference was amazing today. But the thing that touched my heart the most was listening to the children sing.

I love music. It is how I feel the spirit the most.
I even have a spiritual playlist on

What are some traditions you have for Conference.
I have heard some amazing ones.

My former VT would take her family and they would stay in a hotel.
They would each get a notebook and would take notes of the talks.

We have Conference Candy that we keep in metal pails.
I used my Silhouette and made word to put on the sides.
Then when we listen to the talks, if we hear that word,
we get the candy inside.
I put out just two pails at a time so it is easier for the little ones.

Here is where I got the idea:
Brown Paper Packages

And hers are much cuter than mine.

I'm sure that is the only reason the kids listen,
but hey, I'll take it.
This means I get to listen.

And boy is it great to listen!

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