Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Exciting!!

I am so excited for our Cheerful Cheerleader.
Some of you know that DD #2 went to live with her dad.
I haven't talked about it much
because it was a very hard decision to make.
I can see that this was for the best.
She has had some amazing experiences.
She has seen what we have been telling her for years.
That she is a great friend.
How smart she is.
How beautiful she is.
So when she was voted onto the Homecoming Royalty,
I was so happy for her.

The only down side, was the fact that I was 12 hours away and couldn't be there to share it with her. I did talk to her several times that week. I chatted with her on facebook. I also made sure that there were a lot of pictures taken so that I could see her and be there in spirit.
I sure do miss her. I know that I made the right decision, but I sure do wish she was at least closer.
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Patty Ann said...

I had to make that same decision with one of mine. It is one of the hardest decisions that I ever made, but it was such a blessing. Sometimes, doing the best thing, can be the hardest thing we are called upon to do.

Marianne and Matt said...

I'm glad I found your blog....sooo cute. Your daughter is beautiful. Your a great mom and an inspiration!!


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