Friday, September 6, 2013

Princess vs Frog (Combating Bullying)

We have been enjoying the busyness of back to school.
Though it has been quite hectic (wasn't I supposed to have some down time?) we were all settling into our routines and doing very nicely, we have hit a bump.

Miss K has experienced a friendship hiccup.
She says they are going to "break-up".  
When asked what happened, she says that her friend just told her not to talk to her anymore.
After the long weekend, we thought it would have ended.
But it didn't.

Her friend would not let her play with her, and went to play with another friend of Miss K's.
So now it's 2 against 1.
This morning we decided to talk to her about it.

I had Sir Spoil-Her-Highness tell her about a time that his friends didn't want to play with him.
He just went to the other side of the playground and played alone.
Within 10 minutes his friends apologized and wanted to play again.

He then asked Miss K
What are you? A Princess, or a Frog.
Princess of course.
How are Princesses and Frogs different?
Looks, dresses,  green large eyes and legs.
How do frogs eat?
They catch bugs with their sticky tongues.
How do Princesses eat?
They use a fork or spoon.
What does a frog do if a Frog eats a yucky tasting bug?
It's stuck to their tongue.
What does a Princess do if She eats something yucky?
I don't know.
They spit it on their fork or spoon and place it on the edge of their plate.
Now, what does this have to do with being bullied?
If someone says something mean, you can be a Frog and keep it stuck inside.
Or you can be a Princess and spit it out.  Do not internalize it.

I am hoping this will be the best way to resolve things.  I am very much against bullying.  The next step will be to go to the teacher and/or parents.  Here's hoping. Pin It

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