Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Saga Continues...

The saga of the Bullying has continued.
A week after Miss K came home telling us about the bullying situation, I recieved an email message from her teacher.  This told me two things.
1) She has a super perceptive teacher.  I am so grateful for her.  I love her, and so does Miss K.
2)  This is a real problem.  Not just something that is being blown out of proportion.  If a teacher is noticing  such things, they are real.
We have been discussing the occurrences each day.   How was the day.  What did so and so say?  How did you handle it?  What did you say?  What can you do or say to make the situation more happy for all involved?

I also have been wondering what I should do.  Should I talk to the other parents?  Should I just hope that things get better.  Gorgeous Graduate, who was bullied, said that this is exactly how things began for her.  First it was one friend in the ward.  Then it lead to another friend, and another, until she felt it was the whole school.  I did, at the time, speak with one of the parents, who I felt comfortable discussing this with.  She said she had already seen a problem, but nothing she did or said seemed to work.  She had also spoken with another parent whose child was acting the same way.
Okay, so I will not go into more of that, just to say that I DO NOT want Miss K to feel the same way Gorgeous Graduate felt.
Sir Spoil-Her-Highness was against talking to anyone, but I told him I felt I should.  So this morning, while getting ready to head out for a run with my running mates, I asked their opinion.  It was a resounding, instant, "Yes!  Speak to the parents and do it soon.  Do not wait to see what happens.  It must be stopped. Now!"
So I did something that was so super hard.  I spoke with a wonderful friend and told them I needed help with this situation.  I needed the bullying to stop.  I will speak to the other parent tomorrow and have the same discussion.  (Yeah, it was a CRAZY day and I wasn't able to get the other call made.)
Miss K has been going to school happily (and on time, I might add, as opposed to last year, which was half an hour late.)  I did not want the same fight we had last year.  It was so hard to have this discussion.  But I think that now it will help.
I am going to let Miss K's teacher know that I have spoken with the parents, and to let me know if this has helped or made things worse.  I am hoping for it to help.
We shall see...
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