Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And now what?

Since school started I have been trying to set goals and accomplish them. This has been more difficult than I thought it would.
I will make a list of "to-dos". And then not get them done. That hasn't worked.
I have tried making a "done" list. (I had a friend whose mom always had her list checked off. She was frustrated one day and asked her mom how she was able to accomplish so much. She told her daughter that she had a done list instead of a to do list. She would write something down as she went to do it, then cross it off when it was done. That way she could see how much she did, instead of how much she had to do.)
Lately this hasn't helped either.
So now I am going to try something that I did when Jayden was a baby. It helped me see what I did with my time and if I was doing something that needed to be...ummmm...done away with. I'm sure that being on the computer hasn't helped. I also know that having twins is a lot more work than just having 2 kids.
I just ran into my neighbor at the store. She has twin boys who are 12 (or I think 13. No, 12) Anyway, she asked how nap time was. I told her it would be nice if they would always nap at the same time. They also wake each other up. She also reminded me that if they wake up and you don't know, they will destroy the room. This is no lie. They are great at destroying anything. They can climb and I've found them on the dresser throwing things on the floor. I've found them on the counter getting things out of the tupperware cabinet. Then I wonder how the house can get so dirty so fast. I just go from mess to mess as fast as I can, and they are at least 4 steps ahead.
So she told me that I need to get over thinking that the house should be clean, because it won't for a while. That is my other problem. I get side tracked so easily.
So, here is what I'm going to try. I'm going to keep track of what I do and for how long. Let's see... I've been on the computer for 75 minutes today. I need to make a pie, vacuum the front room, get snack ready, and help Jayden with his homework. Then I need to read to the girls, for I went to town today and was gone for 2 hours. The kids want to play with their cousins. Then I need to start dinner and get ready for Relief Society tonight.
Okay, that doesn't sound so overwhelming.
Here I go.
And good luck to you getting your things done! Pin It


Christina said...

Those toddler years with twins are just plain HARD! I'd take the first year with twins any day over those tough years.

At some point, I had to separate my twins for naps so they would actually sleep. I'd have one in their room and the other nap on my bed.

If I ever write a book, I'm going to have a chapter called, "Coming to peace with good enough" -- sometimes you just have to accept that things won't be as orderly, organized, or go as smoothly as you like.

Brunabug said...

I feel the same way you do and I don't have 9 kids to care for. I think if you can get half of the things done on your list..or better yet, even one thing on your list you are doing better than me. :) But hey, this is life for now right. Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't last forever. LOL


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