Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let's go to my house for a snack.

Our family loves the Backyardigans. Everyone from Tony on down to Emma. (The little girls see a book or movie with them and they call them Dum Dum. Dum Dum. since that is how the cartoon starts.) We have a lot of the DVDs. Infact we are watching one right now.
Well, our snacks have been lacking a bit lately, so I have been trying to watch the shows and have some of the snacks they are having. Here's what I have so far:

* Knights Are Brave and Strong - Pretzels and juice, at Uniqua's house
* The Yeti - Hot chocolate, at Uniqua's house
* Pirate Treasure - Not specified, at Uniqua's house
* The Heart of the Jungle - Pretzels, at Uniqua's house
* Secret Mission - Brownies, at Uniqua's house
* Riding the Range - Cookies, at Pablo's house
* The Key to the Nile - Cheese, crackers and apple juice, at Tasha's house
* The Snow Fort - Not specified, at Tyrone's house
* It's Great to Be a Ghost - Apples, at Pablo's house
* Viking Voyage - Graham crackers, at Uniqua's house
* The Quest for the Flying Rock - Waffles, at Tyrone's house
* Surf's Up - Grilled cheese, at Pablo's house
* Race to the Tower of Power - Granola bars, at Tyrone's house
* Castaways - Applesauce, at Uniqua's house
* Cave Party - Cinnamon toast, at Pablo's house
* High Tea - Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, at Pablo's house
* Eureka! - Graham Crackers, at Uniqua's house
* Polka Palace Party - Strawberries, at Uniqua's house
* Race Around the World - Chocolate Chip Cookies, at Uniqua's house
* Monster Detectives - Celery with hummus, at Tyrone's house

If any of you watch one of those not mentioned, would you please post what the snack was? Thanks. I really don't have the time to just sit and watch them all.
I appreciate it.

Well, I better go get snack ready. I think Chocolate Chip Cookies. Pin It

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