Monday, November 2, 2009

I Will Survive! this Christmas Season

Okay, so I am determined to survive this Christmas. Last year was so hectic. I didn't get all the cards out, I didn't finish wrapping until Christmas Eve. I went WAY over on the spending. I didn't make all the goodies I wanted. I did relax a bit. But I still felt that I wanted more peace. That I needed more peace. So this year after following this link from a fellow blogger, I think I can do it. I have tried something like this before from FlyLady. For some reason, I think this will work for me a bit better.

First off I printed out all the pages I would use. Next I went through what I had already purchased. (I'm almost done with Katia.) I then made a list of what I wanted to buy. After something that Jeanette said, I think I will follow her thought and simplify the spending this year. We don't NEED to give our kids that many gifts. They have way too much as it is since I've been buying toys for 16 years.
One thing we started 7 years ago is Santa only brings one gift. Then we will give the kids 4 gifts. 2 of which will be the same, one outfit, and one pair of PJs. The other 2 to fit the wants or likes of the child. I hope this will help.

Now I will set a plan in motion and do a bit each day/week. I feel confident that this will work for us this year. Fingers crossed and good luck to the rest of you. Pin It

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