Saturday, November 7, 2009

Organizing Hair Accessories

With so many girls, there are always an abundance of accessories for doing hair. There are clips, hair bows, head bands, elastic bands, and more. I'm sure you have all seen the wonderful hair bow holders. These work great. I love them. We currently have 5. We may need more, as soon as I can make time to create them.
I have found a wonderful caddy that I love for the elastics at Hobby Lobby. They can be organized by color. I love that it locks, so the girls can't get into them. And it is see through so I know what color I want by looking. I also put the little plastic clips and metal clips in a few compartments as well.

The next I like is the bow holder I made a year ago that has a dowel for the head bands to go on, and a shelf for all the things to go on so the little kids can't get into them, and three grosgrain ribbons for the bows to go on. I have also used this shelf for a prize that Katia (or someone else) has been working on so she can see it, but not get to it. I will sometimes let her hold it while I do her hair, so that she can remember it and be more motivated to work for it.

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