Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm *maybe* Ready to Deal with This!

I have been stewing about something that happened this week end. It was harder to handle than I imagined. I know it isn't super important. But it was important to me. I loved it! I had so much fun with it. Everyday! And now it is gone. Gone! I'm not sure how I will be without it. I'm sure that this will sound superficial, but I really, REALLY, miss it. I'm sure I will move on. But will be pining for it. For a quite a while.
Let me lay the ground work. Sunday was a busy day. We have church at 1pm. We were having an Anti-Super Bowl Party. And a family get-together for Master J's birthday (cake and all). So after we got home, we had to change clothes, dinner to finish up, a cake to decorate, etc. As I was getting ready to make the frosting, Miss K comes in and says, "{Little Miss E's} hair was too long so I'm fixing it." And she heads back into the front room carrying scissors. I follow her and saw she had CUT THE LEFT HALF OF HER HAIR OFF! I was so upset (am so upset). I sent Miss K into her room and tried to level out Little Miss E's hair. I cried for about an hour. Then when I would think about it, or have to talk about it, I would cry again.

Here is a pict of how long it was (Sweet Senior straightened her hair).

I called a wonderful friend, Jennifer, to come and fix it. She came right away, and did a great job, and Little Miss E's hair looks so cute!

The next day, I fixed it, and cried afterward. She does look so cute, but I LOVED her hair. I have always wanted curly hair. And she had LOTS of it. She would have me do her hair like a princess. I would do cute little ponies or buns or braids. I would leave it down and just let it be curly. I'm not sure how I will survive without it.

Eating snow on this sunny Tuesday!

I was threatening to cut Little Miss E's hair like Little Miss D's so that people would have to pay more attention to them to tell them apart. But I wasn't really going to, since I was really loving it. But now it is done. If they stand right next to each other, then you can tell them apart. I guess that is one good thing about it.

Getting ready to race down the stairs on their tummies. Pin It


Patty Ann said...

Oh, I really love the new hair cut, but I know exactly how you feel. My daughter had hair down past her bottom, she decided she wanted bangs and cut it up to her chin on both sides. There was no way to save it, so we had to have it cut and styled. She is now 14 and has grown her hair out twice, donated it to locks of love and gotten it cut short again. I still miss her long, thick, beautiful hair, but I also know that the hair does not make the girl and she is still the cute, sassy, wonderful, young lady that I love.

Jello said...

ha-ha, that reminds me of myself when i was a kid... my mom had to go through this all the time because i kept cutting chunks of my hair off... no worries hair always grows back... she does have beautiful hair... chin up; she looks adorable even with short hair! enjoy your day!

Graves Family said...

She does look really cute, but I know how you feel. Karen cut her hair last week. I semi-covered it up on Sunday for church, but realized it really needed to be chopped to fix it. So my sister, who is a beautician, fixed it. Every time I look at Karen I want to cry. She sounds like Karen and her face looks like Karen, but her hair is gone! I'll get used to it (I hope!), but I'm still just staring at her in disbelief!


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