Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tron Valentines

Sir Spoil-Her-Highness, Master A, and Master J all LOVE the Tron movie. We own the old movie, and they all went to opening night to the new Tron movie. So for class Valentines, I thought that Tron would be a great way to go. I got online and searched, and searched, and searched. Looking for some crafty person out there who had already created these things. Well, I found NONE! I have been checking at the store to see if I could find some, and NONE!
So, I found some at ebay.com and decided to copy them as best I could.
Here is what I came up with:

So I print them on card stock. Then punch a hole in it for a pencil. I also punch a hole in it for a glow stick.

I bought the glow sticks for $1 at Michael's. And, yes, there are 15 in there. Great Price!

Follow up: I did find some Tron Valentines at Wal-Mart for $2.50. Not a bad price, but all done and comes with pencils. I'm sure you could punch another hole in them for a glow stick. I did pick them up since they are the Tron pencils, and not just bright colors. Pin It


Patty Ann said...

I have not seen this one yet, sounds like we might need to go to the movies. I loved the original one, and all my older boys watched it hundreds of times! (literally!)

MeckMom said...

As my son would say "Those are freaking awesome". We already made his Star Wars valentines for this year, but he would have loved these too. Thanks for sharing!

gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Meagan said...

Thank you thank you!! Of course we waited last minute and my son loved these!! We even had a couple of tubes of glow sticks to attach. Great idea.


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