Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day

Pioneer day is always a great day. I love that I can spend time with the family, while honoring our ancestors.  This year I finally made the girls their dresses.  THE DAY BEFORE!  Yes, I'm a crazy person.  Jayden was a bit upset about being away from the internet all day, but he ended up having fun.
Each year (starting 4 years ago) we are in the parade.  Grandma Anna and Bompa were always in the parade, so we decided to keep the tradition going.
Last year I made the aprons and bonnets. The dresses I was trying to make, the bodice was so intense. So I decided to make it into a peasant top.  That seemed to do the trick.
I let them wear the dresses to church on Sunday, as well.

John Hardin is an ancestor of Tony's.



The fire dept always has their hose on.  A great way to cool off after walking in the parade.


 After the parade, there is always a carnival at the park.

Delta dancing with Daddy

Delta was in the sketch club this year.  I only signed up one of the kids when I heard how full the classes were.  This made Emma quite sad,  but I told her she would get to do it next year.

Delta and her art work

Relaxing a bit before heading to the play
We went to see the "Widow's Lazy Daughter" put on by Steve and Mary Sharp, along with members of the community. Pin It

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