Friday, July 11, 2014


Today we toured 2 spots to earn 2 brag tags.
The Fire Station, and Trader Jim's.  Both were great!

 Jenny wanted to tour the fire station, and I really wanted to do this as a group, so she set it up and we invited the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, Matt got sick, so they weren't able to make it.  It was great to come with older kids again.  We have been coming with the preschool kids for the past 8+ years. 
Elyse, Julia, and Ari's dad is a fire fighter/flight paramedic, so we lived at the fire station for a lot of their childhood.  Fire fighters and EMTs are heroes to me, as well as police officers.  My grandfather (Bompa, Bill Prentice) and Tony's dad were EMTs.  My step-dad and uncle were police officers and sheriff's deputies.  They put in long hours.  And the volunteer pay really isn't super great.  But what they add to the community is amazing!







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