Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teaching Our Children to Work Pt 4 (aka Patience)

So, I have been lucky enough to learn patience from the Master!
Sir Spoil Her-Highness is so patient that he yells maybe twice a year.
Yes, he is an amazing father and husband. Last night everyone kept wanting help with making their hamburger just like his.  Had that been me, I would have said, "Wait until I eat, then I'll make you one."  But he just helps and smiles with a sigh.
Anyway, some of what I have learned/changed in the past 12 years include:
Letting it go.  Not the song, but the, It's okay if the front room isn't perfect, or the bathroom still isn't clean even though they have been in there for over 3 hours. 
Some things I have noticed and learned from this amazing man:
It is okay to bring in the rear.  It's fine to be last in the line of cars, or when hiking, or whatever.
Sometimes this is hard for me.  Especially when I hear, "We beat you." "We are the fastest." or "We did it first."  But after seeing how Tony is always making sure everyone has what they need, or knows we are right behind them, so everything is okay. That is the roll he likes to play. 
When he went on the 50 miler with the scouts, he was the one who was with the slowest boy.  He motivated them.  He kept them going. 
This is the role I have started playing.  Asking, "Is everything okay?"  "What can I do for you?"  When I think of it as service, then it is easier when I hear those statements.
I use this when housecleaning with the kids.  I don't worry about perfection.  I don't worry about who does the most work.  Sooner or later it all becomes even.  And soon they will be old enough that they won't want me to help them.  It will be worth it.  Pin It

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