Friday, July 11, 2014

Teaching Children to Work Pt 3

Work together as a family, even if it may be faster and easier to do the job ourselves. Talk with our sons and daughters as we work together.”
Strengthening Families: Our Sacred DutyRobert D. Hales
We do what I call "Family Laundry".  This means that everyone does laundry together.  Everyone's clothes are sorted, washed, and dried together.  (I do allow the teens to wash their clothes on their own.) Then after everyone folds everyone's laundry (Emma calls this folding parties!).  I read in the Ensign once that we should work together as a family, and I have felt strongly that this is a way to help our blended family feel more unified.  

Tuesday I taught Katia how to sort the laundry.  Today I taught Delta.  It's funny, even though this is a chore, Emma was upset because she didn't get to help.  I was in the laundry room folding laundry, as well as Katia,  helping Delta sort.  But she was apeased when I told her she would get a turn on Tuesday.  (That is another change I made the beginning of this year.  I felt like all I did was laundry, so I quit doing a load a day, and started having just 2 days a week for laundry.) Pin It

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