Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Gift/Happiness Investment!

So, for Christmas this year, I added to our wii products for the little kids. The older 4 are fine with the games we have, but the little ones, the ones who are stuck in the house all day becoming couch potatoes, needed something to get them up and moving. We got theme this game when we first got the wii. But it was too hard for them and they would ask for help the whole time they played it.

So I went searching for a preschool game for the wii. Here's what I saw:

But they just didn't seem right. So I search on, and here is what I found.

And so I HAD to buy it for them. And there was this controller in the "other things people looked at" that I HAD to get to go with it!
And it was a hit with the girls. I got two of the wii controllers because we needed to get more remotes anyway. And the price was way better. Plus the small size has made it so the little girls can play it. And Miss K plays on her own now. Which she didn't before.

I then went looking for another game and there just doesn't seem to be another one out there that will hold their attention and that they can use on their own. They love it and they are up and movin'. So thankful that I found it! Pin It


Patty Ann said...

My girls love the Wii. It has been one of the best things we have bought. You can also check at some of the used game stores, especially for kids games. They seem to be a little more common as they outgrow them. I have found some great games for kids for really good prices that way.

CK said...

Wow, this sure does make the wii look fun ;)!


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