Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sugar and Spice

And everything Nice.

We have a niece being born this spring and are so very excited.
She will be the fourth daughter to a girls only family.
So to celebrate, we had Chinese Takeout and a family gathering.

But I just had to add a touch of pink.

I went to Six Star and bought a plethora of pink plates, pink napkins, pink utensils.
Then I added a sign with the "What are Little Girls Made Of?" rhyme on the front.
I printed on pink construction paper and stapled to the front.

I also bought pink balloons and streamers, but didn't have the time to go put them up,
and so it can be used for the girls' birthdays we will have this year.
I do have one this month, maybe I'll use it for that.

So now there is no way that (on this side of the family anyway) the boys will be able to catch up.
The girls are definitely the majority!! Pin It

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