Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's Go Surfin' Now

Today was Beach Day at the Elementary school. Master J wanted us to have lunch with him today. I thought it would be too chaotic. But he was begging. I decided that this would probably be the one to take 3 preschoolers to. If it is already chaotic, then we won't be so noticed.
I so wish I had my camera. The kids wear flip-flops and sunglasses to school. They take their beach towels and sit on them for lunch. In the lunch room all the lunch tables are put up so the kids can sit on the floor. There is beach music playing loudly (for school) and the teachers, lunch ladies, and kids are dancing. Decorations show the theme of the day. The kids are in line to pick up their sack lunch. A blow up pool is full of Creamies the kids can choose. Chocolate and Vanilla. My niece, Mistress K, has lunch about the same time as Master J, so we were able to eat with her as well.
And it was nice not to have to make anything. And the clean-up was easy. Just toss the bags in the trash. The girls loved it and ate so well. I think that we may have to do this more often. I'll just have to try it a few more times, then it will be so easy.
It was also nice to have the kids from the neighborhood, our Primary class, and the classes I volunteer in at the school come up and say "Hi". Also nice to see previous teachers and workers come up and ask how the older kids are doing and what grade they are in.
I'm glad I went. It was not an easy thing. First off I walked to the school (seeing that we live just half a block away) and the girls wouldn't stay together. you know 3 year olds. they have to look at everything. And then once we got there and got our lunches, one had to go potty, even though they went before leaving home.
Now for the "Crazy Day" thing.
I am very grateful for friendly neighbors. On the way home, at the cross walk, Little Miss E was lagging behind while the other 2 raced ahead. I helped the first 2 get on the sidewalk and go the right direction while the 3rd was still crossing. I was half way between the two groups and was calling to her to hurry up so she could race her sisters. When she was half way across, someone decided that they could go ahead on through the intersection. Well, this friendly person honked at them in that "What-do-you-think-you-are-doing! Don't-you-see-that-little-one-in-the-crosswalk?!?" way. I was glad that someone could see that I needed some help and were willing to make sure we all got across safely. Thank you so much! Pin It


Patty Ann said...

It takes a village to raise a child! I love that saying and your example here today just brought that home. We all need a little help once in awhile and it is so nice when someone steps up to the plate and helps! Love it today.

Amber @ Be Sassy Classy said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and I'm glad you enjoyed the printable. I come from a family of nine also! So glad I raise raised in a big, happy family :)


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