Monday, January 31, 2011

Friendly Frogs

There is a game that we play for FHE called Friendly Frogs. The object of the game is to catch the most "flies". To catch a fly you answer the question correctly. The questions deal with being kind and friendly. The kids used to love this game.
For preschool this week we are talking about things that go together. 1 of the 2 topics is Animals and their Homes. One of the activities suggested is to make some lily pads and frogs. Each lily pad has a number on it. The child is to count the corresponding number of frogs that go on each pad. I spent most of the morning creating this activity. As I cut out each pad and all the frogs, the girls were counting th frogs and placing them on the lily pad. (Miss K really loved being the "teacher" and "teaching" the younger two how to play and how to count each frog.) They truly enjoyed the game. So glad I decided to put the extra time and laminate them so they will last longer for many hours of play.
I googled lily pad, then found a line drawn image. Next found a frog. Then went into publisher and made 10 lily pads and 60 frogs. Probably didn't need 60 frogs, but it was fun for the girls to put all the pads in order from 1-10 with the correct amount of frogs on each one.

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