Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Today was a great and crazy day!
To start off, Delta woke up at 4:00 am and cried for me to hold her in a special way known only by her. She wanted covers on in a special way known only by her. And this went on for an hour.
So not the best way to start the new year. Especially if you are superstitious (which I'm not).
It did improve, though. I went to the airport to get the 2 older kids (Sweet Senior and Areo) who were coming home from their dad's.
On the way, I was worried about the roads. They were kinda slick for 30 minutes, but then fine. And the sun was shining!! I loved that! It shone for quite a while today. So good.
At the airport the lines were terribly long, so by the time I was getting up to the front, the kids were already landed and off the plane. So I just met them at luggage claim. It took for-EVER for their bags to come. Finally they did come and we headed for the car. Got everything in the trunk. I had some m&ms in there that I got out. Then shut the trunk, checked to make sure I had my wallet and cell phone. But wait, where are the keys??? Oh no!! They are in the trunk. I called Dear Heart and then went to the costumer service desk to get help. I was given a number to call and told to go to a white phone by where we were parked. Luckily it was in the parking garage so not too far away. After standing in the cold for about half an hour, the airport police came and were able to unlock the door and then I could flip the switch to the trunk.
Thank you so much for freezing your hands and while helping me out of my bind!

It took about half an hour later until my toes and fingers were defrosted. We stopped for some lunch, then continued on home.
The sun was still shining, and even though it was cold out, it seemed warmer.
We got home and now it is so good to have them back. I'm glad they can go spend time with their dad. I feel it is so important to have that relationship with him. But I LOVE having them home with me. Pin It

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Patty Ann said...

I know those feelings exactly as I was in the same situation for many years. Now that my older children's dad is gone, I am so grateful that I listened to that prompting for them to have that relationship with him. It is something they have to cherish. Good for you in knowing that they need it.


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