Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cell Phones

Cell Phones are a great tool, but I have felt that they can also be a hindrance to communication.
Picture this: a room full of teenagers. All with their phones out. texting. looking at their phones. no one saying a word. Unless it's on the phone. they might laugh. they might grunt. but they aren't communicating with the people in the same room with them.
Then if their phone dies or is lost, they can't function. There is NO ONE to COMMUNICATE with. But they aren't communicating. (Heaven forbid they talk to someone who lives in the same house as them. Or even invite a friend over to just hang out. You know, like we use to do. Eat pizza, watch a movie, listen to music.)
We have proven this several times. They will be texting someone and trying to coordinate an activity, meeting, something. Then it will turn out that what was being "said" wasn't what was meant, thought, happening....a big mess, to say the least.
Well, here is an article I read this morning that shocked me and also had me nodding my head.
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Pam said...

Interesting Article. It really concerns me that those who are consumed with cells and blackberries texting and such seem to be so involved with these devices that they miss out on real life experiences, and have lost how to verbally communicate. Eye contact is almost non existent with these kind of addicts. I wonder what the results of this younger generation will be when they get to marrying ages and how it will effect their relationships. It will be interesting to me to see.

Shaunells Hair said...

Hi, I am giving you an award! Come and see!


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