Sunday, February 21, 2010

We had fun doing:

I love to find fun ways of teaching that I can enjoy.
This past week we have had a couple of fun things that turned into little play times.
The first started when we got a bunch of Care Bear figurines.
This began when we were just playing with them. I had been doing desk work, so we started lining them up on desk. We then started putting them in columns according to color and ended up with a pictograph. We compared and found which had the most, least, same, and other such stuff. The girls loved it. Then it was turned into chaos as we threw them everywhere.

Tonight there was a light on the floor in the girls' room after we turned out the light. Delta wanted to know what this was. So we looked out the window to see where it was coming from. She saw how light it was in the back yard and decided it was a light shining in the window. Emma looked out the window and saw the moon. So we all four looked out the window at the small moon that was making so much light. We talked about moon beams, and how when there are no clouds, the moon can seem much brighter. They found all the places in the room where the moon was shining. On the bed, desk, pillow, floor. Delta started "eating" the moon beams. So Emma and Katia followed. I asked if it was delicious and Katia said it was. So I asked if it tasted like cheese. She said, "Like cheese...and sausage." The girls had fun looking at, and eating, the moon until I finally convinced them (after MUCH weeping) that it was late and we had to go to bed. Delta wouldn't let me close the curtains, because she wanted to sleep by the moon beam.
These were just silly little things, that can be fun and a tiny bit educational, at the same time. Pin It

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