Sunday, February 14, 2010

Enjoy the Holidays

We love looking forward to all the holidays. Valentine's Day is exciting and fun. This year I did my
DH's on Wednesday. I wanted him to enjoy it longer than usual. His BDay is on Tuesday, so that doesn't give him much time between. I also did the kids' on Friday. Then, for the past week I've been practicing making heart shaped pancakes (the kids got a little burned out by this pa
Wednesday). Yesterday we made our crepes pink. Had muffins today with Valentine muffin cups. DH always sends flowers to the older girls, and balloons to the rest of them. He brings me flowers too.
Well, today was an amazing day. It was so good to wake up this morning (I got to sleep all night in my own bed and Everyone else did the same thing!) then spend some time sitting next to my husband who didn't have to go to any meetings.
Then this evening we made dumplings, pot stickers, and orange chicken to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Here is where we found the recipes:

We usually have a candle lit dinner for Valentines. It took us 2 hours to make everything and by the time it was done, that was not on our minds. But it was good.
Tomorrow we are all going to the movie. Katia has been asking to go for the past 2 weeks. Jayden has been singing songs he's learned at school to go with the Presidents' Day theme. We watched a video about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We'll hopefully sleep in to start the day. That is MY plan. We'll see if it's the little girls' plan.

Well, enjoy your holidays. Have fun where ever you can. And most of all, enjoy your family. Pin It

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