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FHE Lesson: Life--With all the Trimmings

This is a FHE that we did as a Relief Society several years ago. I've not been able to find the book (Bright Impressions Family Home Evening Vol 3, pg. 43-46) so I thought I would share what I have. I don't have the clip art. It's been lost over the years.
The kids have loved this lesson and pay attention to it better than I thought. they will even remember what each of the hamburger trimmings stand for.

Scripture: We believe in being bhonest, true, cchaste, dbenevolent, virtuous, and in doing egood to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we fhope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to gendure all things. If there is anything hvirtuous, ilovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

Song: Teach Me to Walk in the Light

The Journey
I started on a journey, not many years ago,
Just where the road would lead me, I really did not know.
I left my Father's house that day; I was anxious and afraid.

I knew that I must leave Him, for the plans had now been made.

So I took myself a body and started on my way,
Down the road of Eternity and hoped I would not stray.

At first the road was very clear, I walked along with ease.

It wasn't going to be so hard. My Father would be pleased.

Then I saw the path of pleasure, it looked so nice and gay.

It wouldn't hurt to stop awhile, because I need not stay.

There were paths in all directions, It was very hard to choose.

"Why not try them all?" I thought, "I surely could not lose."

I saw the path of evil that's laid out for the weak.

I simply couldn't pass it by without a little peek.

And then the path of worldly gain, it looked like such high style,

I simply had to linger on for just a little while.

By now I was so weary I surely needed rest,

So I took the path of discouragement, to see if it was best.

I rested there for a while, but found no peace of mind,
And so I started on again to see what I could find.

And as I walked along one day, I was weary as I could be.

I wondered why it was so hard, I simply could not see.
I thought of all the steps I took and all the paths I'd tried,
I wondered why it was so hard to find the path to God.

Then suddenly I realized that the road was straight and fine,

And all those little side trips were just a waste of time.

-Author Unknown

Sometimes we make life hard for ourselves by the paths we choose. We usually get as much out of life as we put into it. Have you seen people that seem happy and satisfied with life?
(Use either pictures, toys, or a real hamburger with all the trimmings as you are talking.)

(Display a hamburger bun. We used a toy hamburger and then some condiments out of the fridge.
) The bun represents your life. There really isn't much to it by itself. It's what you do with it that livens it up and makes it palatable.
Spirituality is the meat of life. (show hamburger and place it on the bun) Spirituality brings much flavor to our lives. Without spirituality we tend to wonder down wrong paths. We may find ourselves doing things that are unkind, dishonest or self defeating. But sometimes we can come across as being so spiritual that we appear to make life dry and boring. There are things we can add to our spiritual life to help us grow and make life more meaningful.
Let's garnish our life with motivation. (add a slice of cheese) There's nothing like motivation to add that much needed flavor.
Add a few onions for individuality. (put onions on) This is an important item. It adds zest to the hamburger just like remembering, enjoying, and appreciating each other as unique individuals brings zest to our lives.
(Add tomato) Add a slice of tomato for kindness. Heavenly Father has asked us to love one another. How better to show our love that by being kind?
Add a leaf of lettuce to remember to be clean and well-kept. (put on lettuce)
Next, add a few sliced pickles to represent a sense of humor. If you have a sense of humor you can laugh at things that might otherwise get you down. (place sliced pickles on)
Put mayonnaise on it for a positive attitude. (add mayo) You can't accomplish worth while goals with out a positive attitude.
Add a bit of mustard for self-control. (add mustard) Having self control keeps us on the right track and keeps what is really important in front.
Finish off with a dab of catsup for humility. (add catsup) If we are humble and willing to receive inspiration and acknowledge our Father in Heaven in all things we will enrich our lives a hundred fold.
(Show the hamburger all put together) We can have a well-rounded life just by adding all the garnishes to life that we have added to the hamburger.
(show another plain bun and pace it beside the other) What kid of life can we have without spirituality and all the garnishes that make life enjoyable and worth while? We need to apply ourselves to gain a complete and happy life so that we will be able to receive our ultimate goal of Eternal Life.

Serve hamburger cookies for dessert.

Hamburger Cookies
small amount of butter cream frosting (canned worked well for us)
color part of the frosting yellow for mustard.
vanilla wafers
green tinted coconut (I just colored it with food coloring)
round chocolate-covered mint patties (like York Peppermint Patties)
Warm honey-opt (we skipped this)
Sesame seeds-opt (we skipped this too)
(We also cut out pickles and tomatoes from fruit roll-ups)

To make each cookie, spread yellow icing on flat side of one vanilla wafer. Add chocolate patty. Spread white icing on other vanilla wafer. Sprinkle coconut on icing. Place on top of chocolate patty. Brush top of "bun" with honey and sprinkle seeds. (Like I said, we skipped the honey. Added the "tomatoes" and "pickles" or "Leaf-lettuce".)

You can also do this during the summer and have a barbecue. That would be so fun. We usually do these more "intense" lessons during the summer when we can't go outside to do much.
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Shaunells Hair said...

Hey there--I wanted to stop by your blog and say thanks for the comment. Your family is beautiful--and congrats on having such a big family--that has to be a challenge--but good for you! I really liked your FHE lesson too. That sure beats our 10 minute prep ones...I"llhave to use it! Thanks for stopping by--hope to see you more!

Kellene said...

I do have the Bright Impressions 3 FHE book if you are interested in getting the clipart. Email me at


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