Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Find Joy in the World Around You

This past winter the sun hasn't been visible very often. This has been hard for me, as I suffer from depression and the sun really helps with that. I am one who opens the curtains as soon as I get up. I also don't close them until it's really getting dark. So, when the sun hasn't shone much, I've had to find other ways to help.

So I decided that I would find beauty in other things.

The frost on the trees with a blue sky background. The sun happened to shine that evening. it was so beautiful.

The falling snow. It is so beautiful.

The birds that came to eat the apples left on the tree.

The snow on the pine tree.

The beautiful mountains.

The frost on the trees.

Even on the cloudy/inversion days, There is Beauty All Around. Pin It

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