Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let Yourself Recoup

Recoup. How do you do this? I have no idea. This topic is on my mind, as we have 4 sick kids, and 2 sick adults in the house. One well toddler, and one well teenager.
So, how do you get the rest you need to deal with what you have to do? Well, you let things go. The past two days I've had to let things go. The front room has been a sick room. We've just laid around watching movies and drinking lots of fluids. We've had vicks and tissues close by. And ate mainly snack type foods, and easy dinners. Dosed out lots of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. And have watched Strawberry Shortcake more times than I'd like to remember.
I did wash laundry and dishes. Tried to fold laundry and put it away. Finally got the clean dishes put away right before refilling it with the dirty ones. Then running it again.
So what have I been doing? Well, holding sick girls. Sleeping. Nothing. Taking cough medicine and sucking on cough drops.
What have I wanted to do? Sew. Read. Clean out the boys room. Finish up shopping for DS's (almost age 6) birthday. Have preschool. (I was all ready with some fun activities planned. I may just take the items around to the children and they can do it on their own.)
I did get out tonight and go to RS. We were decorating fondant cupcakes. I wanting to see if they had any great ideas that I can use on the cake this weekend. I think just refamiliarizing myself with the technique and remembering that last time it was way too thick will help this process go much more smoothly. We'll see. Atleast I have someone local I can call if I need help. My sister makes beautiful cakes with fondant, but she lives 3 hours away. And i only stayed for the demonstration, so I could get back and help with the little ones.
Well, I hope that I didn't get too off track from sharing that what I should (and you should) do if you find yourself as a sick mom. Rest. Take care of yourself. At least try to take it easy. (My sister in law wears slippers to remind herself to take it easy. I do this most of the time.) Remind yourself that if you rest now, it won't take you so long to get feeling better. And the mess will still be there. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be much better. We'll have to see what the night brings. Pin It

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Jeanette said...

I hope your night went well. It was good to have you at RS!! I hope you are able to have a great day and make it special for DS 6!! Holy Cow they are getting so old!


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