Monday, February 15, 2010


Get in a chucking mood. Get rid of the broken toys, puzzles with lost pieces, broken crayons, colored in notebooks, torn reading books. Donate the toys that are no longer played with, the books no one has read or wanted to have read, the clothes that no longer fit, or toss the ones that are worn out.
If you are wondering what you should/could/will get rid of, go to this link at flylady and she will help. (She helped me. I'm a keeper. I still have papers from Kindergarten.)
So where to start?
Well, I started in my room. I went through everything on my desk. Everything on my floor, under my bed, in the closet, and started by putting it where it went. If it didn't go in the room, I put it outside my door. I tossed what could be tossed. Separated things that I can't wear, use, or don't love to go to DI. After my allotted time was up, I put it all away.
Then I moved on to the toy area, the family room, the laundry room. I'm still going through the storage room and may still be doing that when spring comes.
I went to DI 3 times last week and already have a load ready to go for this week.
We are doing a give and take table at Relief Society each month, but I don't want to house these things and run the risk of the kids, or actually me, getting them out of the "give" pile before it comes around again.
(I have a place in my laundry room where things go that we are going to donate. This has been great to have a place. I don't always have this much I'm willing to part with, so the pile isn't usually that large.)
I have also chucked a ton. In fact, my trash can is already over-flowing and trash day isn't for 3 more days. I've had to jump on my recycling to condense it, and am hoping that it will come out when it's dumped into the truck.
Now, I'm not usually like this. Like I said, I'm a keeper. But when I get in this kind of mood, I hurry and get as much gone through as I can. I told my oldest, that if she wants to go through things and toss anything, she better do it now, before this phase passes. Hoping that I can do the same.
Now, when it comes to sentimental items. Or things the kids HAVE to keep, we will take a picture of it, and then after the art work, science sculpture, poster for Social Studies has been displayed long enough, we can chuck it, because we have PROOF that it existed. I've also tried to do this with the outfits that are so cute I could NEVER part with them. This has happened quite a bit with the twins. Yes, I know, I have less room to store these things than when the oldest was little. But it is just SO CUTE!! So I make sure and take a photo of them wearing the certain outfit. And you know what, It doesn't take up that much room. It's on my hard drive, and backed up. And if they looked exceptionally cute that day, I'll frame the picture so I can see it more often.
Taking pictures has really helped me.
Also, having a scrapbook has helped. You know, the old kind. My mom put one together for me. It has my pictures, art work, letters, specially birthday cards, ribbons, programs, awards.....things that meant a lot. This way I still have them, but they aren't just in some box collecting dust. I need to do this for the kids. I'm slowly working on it. Hopefully I can get them done before they have kids of their own.
Now, I'd better run. There is another place I want to tackle and chuck things from. I'd better hurry before this urge to relinquish items of sentimental value has past. Pin It


Christina said...

Good for you for getting rid of stuff -- doesn't it feel great? We took a load to DI on Monday after cleaning out the garage. It makes me want to dejunk even more places in our house.

Pam said...

I am drooling! I LOVE to get rid of stuff we don't need. I am a self diagnosed compulsive chuck-er :)


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