Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 More Things I'm Grateful For

Today I've found a few more things I am grateful for.
1-I'm thankful for the sun which is shining every once in a while.
2-I'm thankful that it isn't my week to drive carpool.
3-I'm grateful there isn't a lot of laundry today.
4-I'm grateful that my husband comes home for lunch almost everyday (except today as he is doing a training meeting).
5-I'm glad the bus stop is right outside my house so I don't have to worry or go get DS 6.
6-I'm grateful that the girls napped for a bit so I could sweep the floor.
7-I'm thankful for DI where I can get books to add to our collection and not have to keep reading the same ones over and over.
8-I'm glad that it wasn't my turn for preschool this week, and that DD 3 went with out any tears.
9-I'm glad that we have a temple so close, and am hoping that I can go tonight with the RS sisters.(Hopefully the girls will get feeling better so I will feel that I can leave them.)
10-I'm grateful that I could take a shower again this morning, and that the water was hot, and to DH for holding the crying girls so I could do so. Pin It

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