Monday, March 15, 2010

Sleep Losing, Daylight Saving Time

For those of you who live in Arizona, you don't have to deal with this. Except that then you have to figure out what time TV shows come on so you can set your DVR. And you have to remember about it so when you call family in other states, you catch them at home, and not asleep.
I am ANTI-time change. I don't understand it. Why do we need to change time. I've hear it is to help with businesses to get the most out of shopping times. And to get work done early so you still have light at the end of the day to be outside in your yard. So change your hours of operation. How hard would that be?
Since moving to Utah, I have complained about it the weeks following the start. I will tell everyone what time it would have been if we hadn't changed our clocks. Then the weeks preceding the change back, I will tell everyone what time it WILL be when we get off this daylight savings schedule.
I know I am only one person and can't change it for the whole world. I can't understand why we either don't just stay on this schedule if it's so great.
Now, let me tell you the beauty of NOT changing your clocks. In the summer when the sun is up longer, and it's so hard to get the kids to bed, in Arizona at bedtime, it isn't too light to get the kids to go to bed. If you want to do something in your yard, get up early. It's so much easier to get up early than try and convince the little ones that it really IS bedtime, even though the sun is still up. They don't get up exactly when the sun comes up, but they can't go to bed unless the sun is down. Don't know why, that's just how it is.
Now, I know that it seems I should just move back to Arizona, but I love my town. I love my ward and neighbors. Love the kids' schools and teachers. I love that we live so close to our church we can walk each week. And I love that the library is so close the kids can walk. I can't leave it. I WON'T leave it. I will put up with this whole time change thing. I may complain about it for those 4 weeks. Just ignore me. But if you are in a position to do something about it, please do. I am not the only one who thinks it should go away. Pin It


Mostly Diane said...

I really like DST. It is the other way around that I dread. But I am late night person. I also wish we could just keep it on DST.

Becky said...

Hi - how are you guys? Is the snow all melted there? Today was a beautiful sunny day and it made me smile. We are getting more used to living in SLC, but it is different than there. I hope you have a great day. Good luck getting used to the time change.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I've always lived in states that go with the change and I still complain before and after. It's part of the fun. I love to say, "I woke up at 6... which is really 5am to my body... so I am awesome."

Linda said...

I hate daylight savings. I feel like I've had a hangover since Sunday. How dare they mess with my sleep schedule.

America Jane said...

I found you on MMB. :) I'm with ya' on the time change thing. I do live in AZ, so while I might not be able to remember when California is the same time and when it's different, at least I always know what time it is here!

Evelyn Perkins said...

Floating in from somewhere...

We moved to AZ two years ago and I was so baffled that daylight savings time was "optional". I do appreciate not having to adjust my little ones to a new schedule, BUT when the sun is coming out earlier and earlier...the kids start waking up earlier and earlier. ARGH!!!


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