Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Coming, It's Coming, It's Coming!!

Yes, spring is right around the corner. I love all the seasons. But spring is my favorite. I've mentioned this before. But with all the overcast days we had this past winter, I am so grateful that spring is on its way. I even don't mind the cold and snow, but I need the sun.
I cleaned out a few of my flower beds this week (brrrr! It was so cold! But the sun was shining, so it sorta made up for it.) And guess what I saw under the leaves? SPROUTING TULIPS!! I am so excited!

Then I looked at the tree in our front yard and saw those little buds that turn into leaves! WooHoo!!
One thing I am looking forward to, is the kids will play outside more, and on the back of the couch less.
We did bring in the little tikes slide. This has helped a little to save the back of the couch.
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