Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 things I'm grateful for today:

I have many things I'm grateful for. Doctors just 3 minutes away who fit me in whenever I call. Doctor who will call in meds for the other sick one so I don't have to go back in 4 hours later. DH who runs errands for me who is stuck on the couch holding 2 sick girls. A remote so I can just sit and change the channels for the girls. A laptop to keep me connected to the world outside. (yesterday was very isolating) Girls that can talk and tell me what they need (water, blankie, movie, story, hold me, bread) A helping big sister. (thanks Katia) DH who will stay home to help me get DS out the door. Big kids who will get the clothes out of the dryer, into the dryer, into the washer. Easy dinner recipe. (see this recipe: http://connect2utah.com/content/recipes/story/?cid=77791) Pin It


Pam said...

I'm grateful you shared this recipe because I was trying to think of how I could use up some sour cream and baby spinach and this recipe is perfect.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Very good things to be grateful for. Great job keeping a positive outlook...keep your chin up! We're all in this together. Hope everyone feels better soo soo soon!


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