Sunday, March 14, 2010

Surviving Stake Conference (catching up from Monday)

For those of you with children, you will know that going to Stake conference can be a trial. In fact, if I have to go by myself, I just won't. Well, I have gone by myself a few times. The one time that was just fine: Katia was sick, so Tony stayed home with her and I went to watch Ari sing in the children's choir.
With small kids, I have to be prepared for this 2 hour ordeal. Especially since I really want to hear and get something out of the talks. So before each conference I will get something new for each of the kids. Here is what I did for the boys:
I made notebook/crayon keeper. Here is a great tutorial.

I made mine to fit a larger notebook and a whole 24 count box of crayons.
Then for the girls I got these on clearance:

Princess and the Frog notebooks to draw in and "take notes", and magnet tins.

Now, we weren't able to go, as we had sick kids who were coughing, and didn't want to spread the "love" or drown out the talks. But we were able to get a recording of it. Which will be great because we can listen to it, rewind, pause, and listen when the little ones are busy or napping. Pin It

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Jeanette said...

You got a recording??? Can I borrow it when you are done? Thanks!! ;)


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