Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us

Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday Mom, Delta, and Emma,
Happy Birthday to us.

So yesterday was our birthday. We had a bit of a different day than I had planned. Emma was sick, so I ended up holding her and Delta for the first part of the day. But I did get to watch a movie during this. Julie and Julia. Such a good movie. Think I'll watch it again today while I fold laundry and clean. Multitasking!!
My mom came for a visit. So good to see her. She helped while I got the cake going.
Then I got to go sit in the doctor's office for an hour. Then run around town to get the supplies and meds so we could survive the weekend. So my birthday dinner was changed from Bacon Wrapped Chicken, to Pizza. WooHoo!! Emma and I ran by to pick it up on our way home.
But Sweet Sister-in-Law says I get a do over. This morning I am blogging, checking out facebook, and have already gotten a shower. Only 2 of the kids are up, and they just now got up. I get to spend the day with DH, and the plan is to get the house clean and then just relax. Oh, and the sun is shining!! A better day is sure to follow. Pin It

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Happy Birthday(s) to You(s)!!! :)


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