Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Christmas

Today is the day after Christmas 2007. We are taking it easy after all the preparations made for the holiday. I have so much to do before their arrival, so I will rest for a few days and then start on the list. If I do just a few things each week, I'll be ready for them to come. Some of the things that are different with this pregnancy than the first 5 are; I eat constantly as opposed to every 1-2 hours (hmm...that must account for some of the increased weight gain). Thought I am drinking an increased amount, I don't have to pee more than in times past. I of course am larger. At 24 weeks I'm as big as I was when I had my previous babies. Which means I can say, "This is the biggest I've ever been." But I don't weigh the same as I did at the end of the other pregnancies. Strange, huh!?! Another strange thing is being this large and not feeling the babies move like I'm this large. It feels like they are 24 weeks along moving in there. No super big kicks and stretches in there. Though I have felt them move since about 13 1/2 weeks. From the beginning my hips started to hurt instead of the final trimester. At 24 weeks I am starting to be more and more tired. With my previous pregnancies the nausea returned during the 3rd trimester. I can feel it more and more, but am hoping that it will be less intense than the first part of this pregnancy. With my previous pregnancies in the beginning I would be sick in the evening from 5 or 6 on. With this one I was done at 2 or 3 pm. I also threw up about 10 times a day. (Thank heavens that tapered off after 16 weeks! Now I'm just nauseous if I don't eat all the time.) This is how we found out we were having twins. I tried medication to help, but it didn't do a thing. My doctor felt that an ultrasound would help us know if there was a problem, or if it was twins. After that I didn't worry about how sick I was. I was just excited about having twins.
With the other pregnancies I could feel the Braxton Hicks after the 20th-24th week. This time they started at 15 weeks. I think it's the increased size of the uterus which makes it more easily felt.
Some fun things that come with twins is being able to see them every time I go to the doctor. That makes it worth going more often. I was kinda worried about going to a new doctor, but my fam prac helped us find a great one. Something that my doctor said is different is that we're not finding out what we're having. Most people having twins find out as soon as possible. We have plenty of boy and girl clothes, so this is a fun adventure. It also means we have to come up with 4 names instead of 2. So fun! (and hard, what are some good boy names?)
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