Monday, January 31, 2011

Friendly Frogs

There is a game that we play for FHE called Friendly Frogs. The object of the game is to catch the most "flies". To catch a fly you answer the question correctly. The questions deal with being kind and friendly. The kids used to love this game.
For preschool this week we are talking about things that go together. 1 of the 2 topics is Animals and their Homes. One of the activities suggested is to make some lily pads and frogs. Each lily pad has a number on it. The child is to count the corresponding number of frogs that go on each pad. I spent most of the morning creating this activity. As I cut out each pad and all the frogs, the girls were counting th frogs and placing them on the lily pad. (Miss K really loved being the "teacher" and "teaching" the younger two how to play and how to count each frog.) They truly enjoyed the game. So glad I decided to put the extra time and laminate them so they will last longer for many hours of play.
I googled lily pad, then found a line drawn image. Next found a frog. Then went into publisher and made 10 lily pads and 60 frogs. Probably didn't need 60 frogs, but it was fun for the girls to put all the pads in order from 1-10 with the correct amount of frogs on each one.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's the Word on the Street (or in the House)?

So, I rarely get to hear much of the talks in church. Just usually snippets, and I have to ask my DH what was said that was so funny. It frustrates me sometimes, but it is the stage of our family, and since it will be gone soon, I try not to get too upset.
A week ago was our Ward Conference.
One of the talks that have stuck with me,was by our Stake President. He told of a seminary teacher who asked his students what the most important word was. They had great answers, such as love, and took almost the whole class discussing all the words that were brought up. Finally the teacher told them what the most important word is.

Our Stake President quoted a talk given by President Kimball: “When you look in the dictionary for the most important word, do you know what it is? It could be ‘remember.’ Because all of [us] have made covenants … our greatest need is to remember. That is why everyone goes to sacrament meeting every Sabbath day—to take the sacrament and listen to the priests pray that [we] ‘… may always remember him and keep his commandments which he has given [us].’… ‘Remember’ is the word” (Circles of Exaltation [address to religious educators, Brigham Young University, 28 June 1968], 8).
Now I usually don't expect the kids to get anything out of it, and maybe I'm just noticing the word more, but we have been using it quite a bit more since then. If there is something that needs done, then someone will say "Remember". (I have LOVE hearing the kids say it!)
Remember...What we do with our dishes after we eat.
Remember...if you want a treat, you need to pick up your toys.
Remember...if we want to play with the blocks, we need to clean up our books.
We are working on keeping the little girls in their won bed at night. They get a treat when they do. All that Dad has to say to them in the middle of the night is, "Remember." They turn right around and get back in bed.
So amazing!
And then there is Mom. I have a horrible memory as of late. I forget so many things unless it's written down. And my schedule is crazy, so...
But I also need to remember other, more important, things.
Remember to pray.
Remember to read scriptures on my own.
Remember to keep an eternal perspective.
Remember who I am, and Who is helping me.
I also need to remember that I am not in this alone.
Remember that these are Someone else's children, not just mine.
Remember that He has a vested interest.
Then I'm not so overwhelmed.
Typing these things I feel so much better. I can do this. If I remember... Pin It

Saturday, January 29, 2011

St Johns Tacos Recipe

It's also called "Tacos San Juan Style".
This is a meal I grew up with.
The kids had it at my mom's, and have started requesting it.
I thought I'd share it with you all.

1 and a half lbs of hamburger
seasoning as desired
(I sometimes use a taco packet.
Other wise I'll just add chili powder, garlic salt, and pepper to taste)
16 corn tortillas
1/2 inch of oil

Heat the oil in a skillet on MedHi heat.
In a mixing bowl, combine the ground beef with the seasoning.
Split the beef into 16 equal parts.
Make each part of beef into a patty and place on half of the tortilla.

Place it in the hot oil. After the tortilla has softened, fold in half.

Turn it over to cook on the other side.

After the beef is cooked through,
place it to drain and cool on it's side in a
baking dish with paper towels in the bottom.

Add your favorite toppings.
We add lettuce, olives, onions, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, and sour cream.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

222 Post Giveaway

I decided that with 222 posts, I should have a giveaway.

For those of you who would love a scripture bag for your little girl (sorry boys, I'm working on one for you), then enter this giveaway. It is open from now until February 4th.

How to enter:

Follow this blog, and leave a comment, with your email.

For another entry, share on your blog then leave a comment here (and don't forget email).

Want another entry, share the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave another comment (w/email).

Good luck. Remember, you have until February 4th. Pin It

Thursday, January 27, 2011

T-Shirt with the Silhouette

I have a cousin who is having twins. So exciting!
I just had to make her a fun shirt!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sugar Cookies

I used to love to make sugar cookies. All the cutting and the decorating. It was so much fun. Especially for the kids. But in the past few/several years, I haven't been up to the waiting, mess, and fighting. But a few weeks ago, I decided to make some felt cookies.

Now I only made 4 of them (the chocolate one was my favorite, and the girls' as well).

I went to a few sites to decide which way I like them.

Serving Pink Lemonade
Pamela and Susan
Petite Cafe
Pink Tea

There are so many cute cookies out there!
Thanks, gals, for the great tutorials, and the great ideas! Pin It

Monday, January 24, 2011

What an Amazing Year

Here is the Family Newsletter we are giving to family members. It is amazing how many6 changes will be happening this year. Pin It

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Gift/Happiness Investment!

So, for Christmas this year, I added to our wii products for the little kids. The older 4 are fine with the games we have, but the little ones, the ones who are stuck in the house all day becoming couch potatoes, needed something to get them up and moving. We got theme this game when we first got the wii. But it was too hard for them and they would ask for help the whole time they played it.

So I went searching for a preschool game for the wii. Here's what I saw:

But they just didn't seem right. So I search on, and here is what I found.

And so I HAD to buy it for them. And there was this controller in the "other things people looked at" that I HAD to get to go with it!
And it was a hit with the girls. I got two of the wii controllers because we needed to get more remotes anyway. And the price was way better. Plus the small size has made it so the little girls can play it. And Miss K plays on her own now. Which she didn't before.

I then went looking for another game and there just doesn't seem to be another one out there that will hold their attention and that they can use on their own. They love it and they are up and movin'. So thankful that I found it! Pin It

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fingernail Polish in the carpet

Okay, so I didn't post this on my blog like I thought. It occurred December 8th of last year. But since I'm sure that someone will need this wonderful information sometime or other, here it is::

Did you know? Shaving cream takes fingernail polish out of carpet! I found this out this morning. Emma got into some fingernail polish and got it on the NEW carpet. I googled and found this site and thought I'd try it. I put the shaving cream on....waited a few minutes....sucked it up with the carpet shampooer (I dumped a cup of hot water on the spot while holding the hand tool right next to it) I can't even tell where the finger polish was!!! Here is where I found this info.

My daughter called me at work, and told me she spilled Dark Red polish on my new white area rug. Since the finger nail polish remover, was spreading the spot. I told her to leave it alone. I came home, almost cried, then pulled up e-how on the Internet.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need:

  • Barbasol Shaving Cream, and paper towel
  1. Spray the shaving cream on the stain

  2. Rub it into the carpet, using your finger tips.

  3. Rub dry with paper towel

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's Go Surfin' Now

Today was Beach Day at the Elementary school. Master J wanted us to have lunch with him today. I thought it would be too chaotic. But he was begging. I decided that this would probably be the one to take 3 preschoolers to. If it is already chaotic, then we won't be so noticed.
I so wish I had my camera. The kids wear flip-flops and sunglasses to school. They take their beach towels and sit on them for lunch. In the lunch room all the lunch tables are put up so the kids can sit on the floor. There is beach music playing loudly (for school) and the teachers, lunch ladies, and kids are dancing. Decorations show the theme of the day. The kids are in line to pick up their sack lunch. A blow up pool is full of Creamies the kids can choose. Chocolate and Vanilla. My niece, Mistress K, has lunch about the same time as Master J, so we were able to eat with her as well.
And it was nice not to have to make anything. And the clean-up was easy. Just toss the bags in the trash. The girls loved it and ate so well. I think that we may have to do this more often. I'll just have to try it a few more times, then it will be so easy.
It was also nice to have the kids from the neighborhood, our Primary class, and the classes I volunteer in at the school come up and say "Hi". Also nice to see previous teachers and workers come up and ask how the older kids are doing and what grade they are in.
I'm glad I went. It was not an easy thing. First off I walked to the school (seeing that we live just half a block away) and the girls wouldn't stay together. you know 3 year olds. they have to look at everything. And then once we got there and got our lunches, one had to go potty, even though they went before leaving home.
Now for the "Crazy Day" thing.
I am very grateful for friendly neighbors. On the way home, at the cross walk, Little Miss E was lagging behind while the other 2 raced ahead. I helped the first 2 get on the sidewalk and go the right direction while the 3rd was still crossing. I was half way between the two groups and was calling to her to hurry up so she could race her sisters. When she was half way across, someone decided that they could go ahead on through the intersection. Well, this friendly person honked at them in that "What-do-you-think-you-are-doing! Don't-you-see-that-little-one-in-the-crosswalk?!?" way. I was glad that someone could see that I needed some help and were willing to make sure we all got across safely. Thank you so much! Pin It

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Freezing Fun

After watching a cartoon yesterday, the girls bundled up in their winter gear and went outside to play. The theme of said cartoon was dressing warmly and playing in the snow. Boy, guess TV is a good thing. They didn't play out long. But 15 minutes is a good amount of time. Fresh (sorta--not really) air and a bit of sun (that could break through the inversion). Okay. But moving around is good. They even went outside again after lunch! Said they needed to practice sledding.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sugar and Spice

And everything Nice.

We have a niece being born this spring and are so very excited.
She will be the fourth daughter to a girls only family.
So to celebrate, we had Chinese Takeout and a family gathering.

But I just had to add a touch of pink.

I went to Six Star and bought a plethora of pink plates, pink napkins, pink utensils.
Then I added a sign with the "What are Little Girls Made Of?" rhyme on the front.
I printed on pink construction paper and stapled to the front.

I also bought pink balloons and streamers, but didn't have the time to go put them up,
and so it can be used for the girls' birthdays we will have this year.
I do have one this month, maybe I'll use it for that.

So now there is no way that (on this side of the family anyway) the boys will be able to catch up.
The girls are definitely the majority!! Pin It

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Investment of the Year

So I have made the first big purchase of the year.

I had the old Bissell Steam Vac from 10 years ago, and I loved it. But after being used repeatedly, it finally died. Well, it would still suck up stuff, but not spray out the water and cleaner. So, since I still have small children, I HAD to have a new one. I had been using a spray bottle and spraying the surface that needed cleaning and then sucking it up with the machine. But it was not working very well. And let me tell you that after spraying a trigger spray a few hundred times your hand really hurts!

I got on Consumer Reports and checked out what machine they suggested. They suggested the Hoover All Terrain SteamVac.

So I ordered mine from amazon and got a great deal. Then it arrived less than a week later. So I put it together that very night. Read the manual. Then the next day I used it on my love seat. Oh My!! That thing was DIRTY!! And when I compare it to the other couch now, it is SUPER CLEAN!! So excited! Yeah, I know, crazy to be so excited about a steam cleaner. But I am!! The funny thing is that it took me more than 90 minutes and I didn't notice! I wonder how long it will take me to do the couch? I guess I also did the center of the floor. Anyway, I am so excited to be able to clean these surfaces. Especially for those of you who know the ages and stages of the children in our house. I really REALLY!! need it!! Pin It

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Being the Best Me

Wordle: Child of Royal Birth

Today our Primary lesson was "Heavenly Father Trusts Us to Follow His Plan". One thought that we focused on is that He is our Father who knows and loves us. He knows what we are going through and what we need. And then we discussed how he also trusts us to choose the right so we can return to live with Him again.
I also felt so strongly that we need to remember that it is our choice how we handle things. How we choose to act or react in each situation.

I know that now days people are saying, "That's just how I am." "I didn't choose to be this way." "You need to love me for who I am."
Well, it isn't out of our hands. We can make our own choices and become what we want to become.
I want to teach my children that if they get upset or angry, they chose to be angry. No one "Made" them angry or sad or hurt someone. We can feel a certain way, but we then need to calm down and speak or react in a non-violent fashion.

I'm not sure if I mentioned before, but I grew up in a violent home. My father was quite abusive to my mom and siblings. Mainly the older 3 of us. And most especially to the middle sister. He used violence to cope with things. I, in turn, learned to handle situations in this way. I yelled all the time. Well, a lot of the time.
After becoming a mom, I had to learn how to deal with situations in a more peaceful manner. This was a very difficult thing to learn.
When I married my new husband, it became so much more easy. He yells maybe 3 times a year. (BTW--he has RED hair) He always speaks to the children in a calm way. When they are in trouble, he will sit them down and talk to them about what they did wrong, and what needs to happen to help them learn to make better choices. From his example, I was able to see how I should deal with things. I no longer yell on a regular basis.
Now, I'm not saying I was a violent person, but not the best I wanted to be. I didn't use my past to say, "I'm just this way. There is nothing I can do to change." I am still trying to be a better person and to help my children to be better people.

Okay, this turned into a much different post than I first intended. I hope that I have made sense. Thanks for letting me share. Pin It

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Modeling Clay stuck in Carpet??!!

The NEW carpet!!

Well, I found this post and will try it to see if it works.

"I just thought some other Mom's might need the information that I learned about today...
While in the process of moving, I discovered that there was some modeling clay that was ground in the carpet..right under where the ladder to our bunk beds rests. Anyway, after trying the freezing method, (ice) and placing a towel and ironing over it, (didn't work either) I then decided I was going to call Rose Art directly to find out if they had a product that they sold to help remove it..the very nice gentleman that I had the pleasure of getting was amazing..he laughed kindly at the situation, but didn't know of anything but if I would mind to wait, he would ask others to see if he couldn't find out! He came back about 5 minutes later and apologized for the wait and then told me the solution for getting it out is Canola Oil. As for the color, he didn't have any solution. So I tried the Canola Oil, by placing some on a paper towel and rubbing gently, and it worked!!! :-) :-) !! The color remained though, so I applied the same tactic only using nail polish there is no remnant of either, and we will have happy landlord!!

So if you ever have a modeling clay situation come up...this works..REALLY!!

I hope that this helps many, encourages others to know that they aren't the only ones with kids that take projects where they don't belong, and finally that I was able to bring some peace of mind that there is a solution to a sticky situation!

May your day be blessed with rays of sunshine and your nights be blessed with blissful peace!

Mom of 3 boys,

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Last year I posted about my favorite calendar.

Well, they don't make it anymore!!!
I loved the fact that I could fit everyone in our family.
I loved how large it was.

So I had to go hunting for another one.

I finally settled on this one.

It's okay. I'm not sure if I will love it like the other one.
But I needed to get one.
I searched for 2 months, and
finally decided that if I couldn't find another one that was that great,
I would use one that was the closest.

I also use a planner. I like to be able to take it with me.
I am using this one,

but have just used cheap ones found at Wal-Mart.
I like to write things in it, kinda like a journal.
The funny things the kids say.
The funny things they do.
How my day is going. How I'm feeling.
What I want to do.
I'll use it for my "To Do" list.
But also goals, or whatever comes to mind.
Then at the end of the year, I keep the planner,
and have a little keepsake for later reading and reminiscing.
I count my blog as a journal as well,
but there are definitely things I don't put on here or Facebook
that I will put in a journal (if it's long) or a planner if it's just a short little thought.
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Family Home Evening

This last year I joined with a bunch of other ladies to create a year's worth of Family Home Evenings that correspond with the 2011 Primary Theme-- "I Know the Scriptures are True." I then put together a book for a family member, and now for our family (I'm only on Feb). It was a bigger undertaking than I had first imagined. But well worth all the work. I am so excited. I truly feel that if we are learning and teaching the things learned by the children, our testimonies will grow. Plus repetition is such a great teaching tool.
If you would like to check them out, here is the link:
A Year's Worth of FHE Lessons
So great!! And it's wonderful to have all the amazing recipes. Plus it's great to have other perspectives on these topics.
So now I'm off to help Little Miss K make the snack, and give the lesson to Dad and Little Miss E; and the activity to Master J to get ready.
Happy Monday, all. Pin It

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Difference Between Try

and Triumph is a little "umph"!--Marvin Phillips

Every year we make New Year's Resolutions. I can never seem to seem to stick to them very long. But then there are the habits I make. Those seem to stick.

For example, we always have Family Home Evening. We don't miss.
Family Prayer is another that always takes place.

But reading the Book of Mormon isn't a habit anymore. What happened to that one? TIME. We have scriptures and family prayer in the evening before bed. Right before bed. When it gets too late for reading from the scriptures, we'll just pick up the Friend and read a story from that. The month of December we read a scripture, sang a song, and read a Christmas story each night. So it has been over a month since we read from the Book of Mormon. (Well, there were a few scriptures we quoted from that book.) We need to get back into that habit.

So how can we make New Year's Resolutions into a habit? We are going to get the whole family invoved. I am a visual person, so I need something I can see. I have used a chart for myself over the past couple of years.
Here is the link:
It helps me to have something I can see.
I then tried to find a chart for the kids.
I found this one at
And these at
Then I made this silly one.

I will have the kids put stickers in each square everyday they
accomplish their goal.

I read a few articles that would help us impliment the habits.
This one at seemed the have great ideas.
And this one at
Then I found a few good articles in The Friend to read to the family to get them motivated.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Today was a great and crazy day!
To start off, Delta woke up at 4:00 am and cried for me to hold her in a special way known only by her. She wanted covers on in a special way known only by her. And this went on for an hour.
So not the best way to start the new year. Especially if you are superstitious (which I'm not).
It did improve, though. I went to the airport to get the 2 older kids (Sweet Senior and Areo) who were coming home from their dad's.
On the way, I was worried about the roads. They were kinda slick for 30 minutes, but then fine. And the sun was shining!! I loved that! It shone for quite a while today. So good.
At the airport the lines were terribly long, so by the time I was getting up to the front, the kids were already landed and off the plane. So I just met them at luggage claim. It took for-EVER for their bags to come. Finally they did come and we headed for the car. Got everything in the trunk. I had some m&ms in there that I got out. Then shut the trunk, checked to make sure I had my wallet and cell phone. But wait, where are the keys??? Oh no!! They are in the trunk. I called Dear Heart and then went to the costumer service desk to get help. I was given a number to call and told to go to a white phone by where we were parked. Luckily it was in the parking garage so not too far away. After standing in the cold for about half an hour, the airport police came and were able to unlock the door and then I could flip the switch to the trunk.
Thank you so much for freezing your hands and while helping me out of my bind!

It took about half an hour later until my toes and fingers were defrosted. We stopped for some lunch, then continued on home.
The sun was still shining, and even though it was cold out, it seemed warmer.
We got home and now it is so good to have them back. I'm glad they can go spend time with their dad. I feel it is so important to have that relationship with him. But I LOVE having them home with me. Pin It


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