Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teaching Our Children to Work Pt 4 (aka Patience)

So, I have been lucky enough to learn patience from the Master!
Sir Spoil Her-Highness is so patient that he yells maybe twice a year.
Yes, he is an amazing father and husband. Last night everyone kept wanting help with making their hamburger just like his.  Had that been me, I would have said, "Wait until I eat, then I'll make you one."  But he just helps and smiles with a sigh.
Anyway, some of what I have learned/changed in the past 12 years include:
Letting it go.  Not the song, but the, It's okay if the front room isn't perfect, or the bathroom still isn't clean even though they have been in there for over 3 hours. 
Some things I have noticed and learned from this amazing man:
It is okay to bring in the rear.  It's fine to be last in the line of cars, or when hiking, or whatever.
Sometimes this is hard for me.  Especially when I hear, "We beat you." "We are the fastest." or "We did it first."  But after seeing how Tony is always making sure everyone has what they need, or knows we are right behind them, so everything is okay. That is the roll he likes to play. 
When he went on the 50 miler with the scouts, he was the one who was with the slowest boy.  He motivated them.  He kept them going. 
This is the role I have started playing.  Asking, "Is everything okay?"  "What can I do for you?"  When I think of it as service, then it is easier when I hear those statements.
I use this when housecleaning with the kids.  I don't worry about perfection.  I don't worry about who does the most work.  Sooner or later it all becomes even.  And soon they will be old enough that they won't want me to help them.  It will be worth it.  Pin It

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ward Shin Dig at the Splash Pad

After a long day of getting the house cleaned and ready for the surprise company, it was great to go to the ward activity with the kids.  I loved being able to visit with adults and just sit and relax. Thanks to the Relief Society Presidency for putting this on.


The girls were using their towels as wings and playing faeries.

Kathryn C and Katia eating watermelon.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Unplugged Pt 3 Car Wash

One of the things the kids can do to ear a brag tag is wash the car.
We decided to wash the car and suburban and invite over the cousins to help.  It was sure fun.  They did a great job.

Jayden, Tennielle, Katia, Samantha, Emma, Delta, Autumn, Kaylee
Had to wash the little car, too

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day

Pioneer day is always a great day. I love that I can spend time with the family, while honoring our ancestors.  This year I finally made the girls their dresses.  THE DAY BEFORE!  Yes, I'm a crazy person.  Jayden was a bit upset about being away from the internet all day, but he ended up having fun.
Each year (starting 4 years ago) we are in the parade.  Grandma Anna and Bompa were always in the parade, so we decided to keep the tradition going.
Last year I made the aprons and bonnets. The dresses I was trying to make, the bodice was so intense. So I decided to make it into a peasant top.  That seemed to do the trick.
I let them wear the dresses to church on Sunday, as well.

John Hardin is an ancestor of Tony's.



The fire dept always has their hose on.  A great way to cool off after walking in the parade.


 After the parade, there is always a carnival at the park.

Delta dancing with Daddy

Delta was in the sketch club this year.  I only signed up one of the kids when I heard how full the classes were.  This made Emma quite sad,  but I told her she would get to do it next year.

Delta and her art work

Relaxing a bit before heading to the play
We went to see the "Widow's Lazy Daughter" put on by Steve and Mary Sharp, along with members of the community. Pin It

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Relaxing and Reading

Delta has been the reader for sure.  She loves to read, and if I haven't heard or seen her for a while, it's because she has found a quiet place to read.

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Niece and Nephews

 This week we had James' and Jen's older kids stay with us.  It has been so fun.  We went to the movie on Monday.  Tuesday the kids made loom band creations, we went swimming, then ate s'mores that night.  Wednesday we just hung out and watched movies.

Jayden, Dirk, Bowen, Kaylee, Emily
Katia and Autumn

Samantha and Emma

Autumn and Delta
Tennielle and Katia

Dirk, Kaylee, Jayden, Bowen, Emily

Katia, Emma

Delta, Emma, Samantha

Base Camp





S'more Art

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