Saturday, January 18, 2014

Scripture Journal

Have you seen all these amazing scripture journals?  They are so amazing!  I love them all.  I want to use all these amazing ideas in my own scripture journal.  

There is just one problem:  I am a busy mother of  7 (5 still at home, the youngest 2 in Kindergarten) who also has other things I am doing.  I exercise 3 days a week for an hour or more.  I work at the school twice a week.  I am a Visiting Teacher, a friend, a neighbor, a housewife, the family historian.  So how do I do all that needs done, and still get my scripture studying in, and keep a scripture journal so I can more internalize the words I read?  
It is okay to just write words and thoughts, and jot something down that will refresh my memory.  It doesn't have to be anything major.  It doesn't have to be decorated or PERFECT!  
 I buy composition  notebooks at the start of the school year.  Then I will sometimes cover them with scrapbook paper.

I sometimes will print out journal prompts to fill out.  But I also will just write what I want.  If something touches my heart, or makes me think of something, I will jot it down. If a memory comes to mind, I will mention it.
I also print out Conference talks or other articles that I find which add to the topic or scripture I am reading.  Then I may mark up the talk, or I may just write a little of what I learned or thought about it.   

Currently my reading consists of the Book of Mormon.  
My studying  consists of topics.  I have done hope and faith.  I just study whatever topic I feel I need at the moment.  I think I will study love next.

I know that this has helped  me be less overwhelmed.  I also know that I retain more when I write something down.  Even if it doesn't seem to be exactly what I thought I would learn at the start.
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