Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

We went to the Ogden Temple open house.  It was great, and busy. Mimi and Papa were working there as ushers, so that is why we picked this day.

 We spent a lot of time standing.  It was slow going.

        The girls asked why the temple has so many flowers. 
They asked if it was to make the temple more beautiful, or to make is smell better.
We decided we would have our picture by the fountain.

Of course the girls were the only ones who would stand in front of the Christus.

After we were at the temple for 2 and a half hours, we decided to go eat dinner at Lucky Slice Pizza.

They didn't hand out cookies like at the Brigham Temple open house, so we went and bought some sugar cookies and muffins for Sunday breakfast.
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Canoeing {Unplugged}

Thursday we went canoeing at Hyrum Dam. It was quite fun.  Also hard work.  My arms are quite tired. Jayden and I did most of the paddling.  But the girls took turns and did quite well. 
We went to the other side to see what birds were there on the bank.

Katia,  Delta,  and Emma played and swam in the lake.  

It was definitely a great day!

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