Friday, February 27, 2009

Modivating the youngins

The kids (especially Ari and Jayden) have messy rooms occasionally. They will get to the point where it is too overwhelming to even attempt.
Well, I finally had an idea that worked so well, the kids asked me to do it again. I gave them 15 minutes and said it was a race to see who could show the most improvement in their room before the timer beeped. Katia even joined in (I helped her). When it came time to judge, I was so amazed at the progress that each had made, I called it a tie and they all got the reward. The boys usually go play or fight instead of cleaning, so this was so awesome. Today they are even playing happily together. And since the reward was candy, it won't get eaten by me. Pin It

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Picts from January

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Take a Break

How many of you want a break from house work? Well, here's how I accomplished this. Last Thursday evening, Jayden got sick. He was sick from then and is starting to feel better now. Saturday Emma and Delta got sick and are still sick today. Sunday Katia got sick. Tuesday Ari and Julia were sick (Julia is home again today). Now, what does this have to do with housework? Well, for some reason, when little kids are sick, they want to be held all the time. so I have been sitting pretty much the whole time since Saturday and holding atleast one child. Okay, so my house isn't clean at all. And as soon as everyone is well, I will be cleaning like a mad woman, but until then, I will be sitting holding someone. Boy this is so relaxing. NOT! Pin It

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting to Church on Time

Sundays around our house are occasionally hectic.
I enjoy going to church. I feel at peace there. I feel uplifted there. Which is good, because the race before hand is tiring.
We have church at 9am now. This is my favorite time to have church. My second favorite time is 8am. I like starting the Sabbath out right and then coming home and being with my family.
This year I have an added challenge. Tony has meetings before church. This normally wouldn't have been a problem. But getting 4 youngsters ready by myself is a bit tiring. This past Sunday I tried getting up at 6:30. I showered, got dressed, and then Emma and Delta woke up. I nursed them, then started breakfast. I fed them and myself, then woke up the rest of the kids. At this point Tony returned home. I got my hair done, brushed my teeth, and put my make-up on. Then we both got the little ones dressed. As soon as one was dressed, I would do their hair. Then get coats on and head out the door.
You know, now that I write (type) it out, it doesn't seem like such a challenge. So why has it been hard to make it to church? Maybe because I am leaving out the messes, The little ones who need held, the fights to get everyone up, the fights to get everyone to eat, the fights to get everyone to get dressed, the messy faces and hands, the wiggly heads. Okay, so that seems like a challenge.
But once I get to church and am sitting on the pew listening to the music being played by the organist, all the morning's issues melt away. I am glad I made it. I am grateful to feel the peace. Pin It

Monday, February 2, 2009

Music in our home

I love music. All kinds. I love singing, playing, and listening to music. All of our children love music. Elyse took piano and violin, Julia took viola and piano, and Ari took violin. Jayden has been wanting to learn to play some Star Wars songs. Mainly the Imperial March. I've taught him a few easy things like Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. Well, Jeanette and I have decided to teach the kids to read using this method.
What I've done is make a key to go behind the keys starting with A as red and continuing on through all the colors of the rainbow except indigo, and ending with G as brown. I cut 3/4 in strips of cardstock and colored each one with matching colored squares to coordinate with the notes color. Then I wrote some songs in treble clef only and in C so flats and sharps won't have to be worried about.
This has been a fun thing for all the kids. Even Ari has played the piano more often. He had gotten to the point of saying that he hated playing music, and now I have to tell him to give someone else a turn. Pin It


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