Monday, April 2, 2018

Kirkham Prayer Board

I sure love our children! 
Over a year ago we started a prayer board to help the kids focus on what they needed to remember in prayers. We were getting into that repetitious rut!! 
I found a chalk board at Hobby Lobby (because sometimes you need it NOW and don't have time to craft something!). We started out with a side for Thank Thee, and a side for Ask Thee. We would write down any things we were happy/grateful for (sunshine, selling our house, good friends) on one side, and on the other, anything we wanted to pray for (a cousin battle cancer, help in school, a friend who was sad). We can refer to the board before family prayer for reminders. (Even I can't remember everything!)
Now we just jot down whatever comes to mind, a great time with family or friends, an illness, the rain watering the flowers, wind blowing away things, whatever and wherever on the board.
Yesterday @instajewels_ decorated the top for me. Since my migraine started 4 years ago, my familial tremor has become severe. My handwriting is atrocious. I love beautifying our home. This adds to it so much!  Thanks so much Julia!!!

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