Sunday, June 25, 2017

Raising My Spirituality

Sunday is the BEST day.  I love being able to feel the spirit, learn new things (or be reminded of things), serve, and just start being a better person ('cuz I mess up, like lots!).
One thing I have learned to help extend the feeling of peace from sacrament meeting is to not Rush out of there.  We all have someplace we need to go afterward.  Whether it's to teach a class, attend a class, run an auxiliary, or help in the library.  Sometimes I have felt that I needed to leave before the closing prayer.  However, when I was in the primary presidency, our bishop admonished us to stay until after the closing prayer was said.  I was wondering about this.  We needed to set up the room and get things ready for the children to arrive.  Yet he told us that everyone should stay until the closing prayer, and that we should still have plenty of time to get there and settled before the primary room started filling up.  The schedule for Sunday meetings gives a 10 minute break between Sacrament meeting and the rest of the classes. This is more than enough time to get there. I have our kids start to clean up their items during the closing song, then we are all ready to leave right after the prayer is said.  
So here I am a few years later, and unless there is some unforeseen problem, I stay until the very end.  I like not feeling rushed to get to Sunday School. I like keeping the thoughts shared in talks in my head so I can ponder them. When I'm not rushing off I can be thinking about these things.  

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

High Tea Lemon Cookies

Totally wanted these cookies to eat. But I was a MAJOR fail!! I got the recipe online. Two different sources. But it was crumbs. (Katia said it was like sand. She thinks we can use it for Kenetic Sand.) At least the icing was good. I MAY have just ate it plain and with the crumbs mixed in.
Back to the drawing board.

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